Interior photographer, Julian Gries, has captured this $6 million period home in Pasley Street South Yarra in all its brilliance!  Beautifully renovated by SETA Construction, with elecrtrical work by Omzen Electric Co.  Read more >>

Omzen Electric are specialists in electrical work for period homes and so wanted to have this stunning project professionally photographed to showcase the electrical work they completed.

interior photographerJulian was briefed to shoot the interior lighting and fit out – specifically in the new bathrooms and kitchen. He was asked to emphasise the installation of lighting and electrical technologies such as heated towel rails, kitchen appliances, and chandeliers (see image below).

Key was to maintain accuracy with the architectural forms, so Julian used a 17mm Tilt and Shift Lens. Omzen wanted a very clean neutral look to show off the fine detail and installations.

Julian Gries is a brilliant interior photographer. His appreciation of the architectural form is second to none. He loves to capture the authentic beauty of styled rooms.

Director of Omzen Electric, Justin Stiles, has said.”When we finished work on this $6 million South Yarra property we realised (the day before handover) maybe a few photos would be good to have. I called Julian and explained the situation, but as I expected he was booked out…

“Sensing my disappointment, he proceeded to re-schedule his day so he could make mine. Julian arrived early and toting the most expensive camera I’ve ever seen. But it was his enthusiasm and attention to detail that was I was most impressed by…

“Light from this angle, depth of the lens, juxtaposed to that stone… Julian was in his element. At one point I walked in and he was polishing the stone bench top with the windex that he brought… Wow!!

“I’ve since reviewed the edited shots from the day, and they look better on film than in real life. I cannot recommend Julian high enough and we will be using his services on all our projects from now on.”

Get in touch with Julian here if you need some high quality, affordable photography of your trade.

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