About Julian Gries Photography

Cutting Edge Photography = Effective Communication

Making Pictures Work

Good commercial photography should do more than just look good. It needs to work, in every sense of the word. It needs to show your potential customers exactly what your business can do, and inspire them to wonder what it could do for them.

Julian Gries is a highly experienced commercial photographer, specialising in capturing architectural elements, interior design and styling, furniture, restaurants, building design, and landscapes. Having worked with many construction, design and architecture clients, he has the industry knowledge to quickly understand your needs, and the photographic skills to fulfil them with high-quality images that tell your story.

Julian knows how to make images work for you – his photos communicate clearly and precisely to the people you want to speak to.

“Julian Gries’ experience and skill made the whole photography shoot run smoothly and the images he delivered are nothing short of spectacular – not to mention effective in attracting the attention we wanted. We love working with Julian!”

~David Koronczyk, CEO Grandbuild

Beauty and Accuracy

With 17 years as a commercial photographer behind him, and a personalised approach to each of his clients, Julian Gries has the experience and skill needed to capture and convey the message you want your clients to hear. Using state-of-the-art equipment for both photography and editing, he delivers photos that are not only beautiful to look at, but that give a technically accurate visual depiction of your work.

“We had so much fun setting out rooms and photographing them. Some photo shoots are a chore, but nothing was too much work for Julian and he achieved truly spectacular results that we love, and that our prospective clients are responding to as well.”

~Lauren Hall, Senior Stylist, Zenza Interiors

The Process – A Collaborative Approach

Julian’s success lies not only in his skill as a photographer, but in his commitment to gaining a deep understanding of the needs of each of his clients. In order to plan and take the perfect shots, he first takes the time to understand your business goals and brand identity, your clients, and what it is that sets you apart from your competitors.

After gathering information about your goals, timelines and how the final images will be used, Julian meticulously plans the shoot, ensuring an efficient and productive session.

Images can be delivered as high-quality prints or high or low resolution digital files, and may be cropped and digitally enhanced to ensure maximum visual impact without compromising on accuracy.


“Julian Gries took the time to discuss exactly what we wanted to achieve and our business goals. Then he planned a shoot that would deliver the goods. The photos aren’t just stunning, they’re effective at communicating our message and have increased our sales.”

~ Melissa Collins, Managing Director Zenza Interiors

On Location – Home and Abroad

While Julian is based in Melbourne, he has created beautiful commercial images on location both here in Australia, and internationally. He knows the importance of understanding the physical and social environment surrounding a property or destination in capturing its personality, and creates compelling images that attract buyers, investors and visitors

“We’ve worked with a lot of photographers over the years. For sheer vision and professionalism Julian Gries, or Julian Gries Photography has to be one of the best. He worked tirelessly to deliver truly stunning photographs that not only capture the luxury of our hotel, but also the exotic surroundings. His personal approach and his passion for his craft are truly outstanding.”

~Mulia Resort Group

A Word from Julian

To put it simply, I love what I do. I love experimenting with angles and views and working with natural light to get the best possible outcome – because great composition and the perfect lighting, combined with digital enhancement, is the secret to really powerful images. I look forward to meeting you!